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2018-04-15 Added splits for Chattahoochee Bend State Park. Updated individual and school rankings. Virtual badges have been awarded.

2018-03-21 Added splits for Red Top days 1 and 2. Updated individual and school rankings. Virtual badges have been awarded.

2018-03-13 Added splits for Dauset Trails. Updated individual and school rankings. Virtual badges have been awarded.

2018-03-05 Added splits for Joe Kurz. Updated individual and school rankings. Virtual badges have been awarded.

2018-03-03 Added splits for Bert Adams and West Palisades. Updated individual and school rankings. Virtual badges have be awarded.

2018-02-10 Added splits for Island Ford. Updated individual and high school rankings. Virtual badges for Island Ford have been awarded.

2018-02-04 NJROTC Area 12 Championship splits have been added. Individual high school rankings and high school power rankings have been updated. Badges for the NJROTC Area 12 Championship have been added to the runners page.

2018-01-28 Added splits for Don Carter. Rankings and badges have been updated.

2018-01-21 The SEIS results have been added and the high school power rankings have been recalculated. Runners will now have to have completed two races on the same course level to be ranked.

2017-12-27 Added the Pearl Harbor splits, update the rankings.

Note: After the first of the year, runners will need to have completed at least two courses to be ranked.

2017-11-25 Reentrant has added a runner's index/search page. From the index page, you can search by first name, last name or high school.

The index page details the number of races run by each runner and the number of medals won. The race and medal counts are broken out by course.

The page can be accessed from the 'Find Runner' link at the top of the 'Links' column.

17/18 1
Medals!! We have added virtual medals to the runner’s profile page for 1st through 3rd place on each course.

Reentrant only shows high school results. For local GAOC meets, Reentrant might list a runner as first when they were really 3rd overall. Medals are awarded on the runners overall place - not just the runner’s finish among high school runners.

As with the badges, mouse over will provide details about each medal.

2017-11-20 Added results from the GAOC FDR State Park meet. Individual and High School Power Rankings have been updated.

2017-11-18 2017 Classic 2-Day Orienteering Championships

Congratulations to Nathan Linardi of Laurens HS for winning the 2017 M-16 US Classic Orienteering Championship. The classics are a 2 day combined time format. Nathan used a spectacular first-day finish (nearly 7 minutes ahead of 2nd place) to power to his first place overall finish.

Familiar course setter, Bill Cheatum, also won the M70+ class. Complete results can be found here

Badges!! We need some stinkin' badges!

Reentrant has added badges to the runner’s profile pages. The runner’s profile can be found by clicking on the calculation run (top date on the right column). In the ranking listing, click on the runner to see the runner’s profile page.

We have added two types of badges. The first is performance based, the second is activity based:

Performance badges

There are three levels of performance badges: Expert; Navigator; Pathfinder. To earn the badge, the runner would have to have at least two races on advanced courses (Red, Green, Brown) that exceed the performance standards:

  • Expert (expert badge shown above)
    • 10 min per k - Males
    • 11:15 min per k - Females
  • Navigator
    • 12 min per k - Males
    • 13:30 min per k - Females
  • Pathfinder
    • 15 min per k - Males
    • 17 min per k - Females
Activity Badges

An activity badge will be awarded based on the number of courses run. Badges are by class. A runner would need at least two races in the same class. Badges are awarded at 2+, 5+, 10+, 15+.

We will be adding more badges/medals over the next couple of months.

2017-11-07 Added NJROTC Pirate Classic splits. The individual and high school power rankings have been updated.
2017-11-05 Added splits for Sope Creek. None of the Sope Creek courses had enough high school runners to be included in the rankings.

Corrected power ranking bug that can happen when runner has more then one ranking score for a varsity course.

2017-10-27 2018 US JWOC Trials

The 2018 US JWOC team trials will take place during the California Orienteering Week (COW). COW will run from March 17 through March 25, 2018.

The trials races are scheduled as follows:

  • Sprint: Friday, March 23, 2018
  • Long: Saturday, March 24, 2018
  • Middle, Sunday, March 25, 2018

Contact Erin Schirm (erin.schirm at yahoo.com) if you would like additional information.

2017-10-23 Added splits for Chattahoochee Bend State Park. Updated High School rankings (yes, I know there it a bug on the Varsity Hillgrove ranking). It will be fixed in the next calculation run.
2017-10-07 Welcome to the initial publication of Reentrant!

Reentrant will provide reporting on Georgia high school orienteering, as well as individual and school rankings for Georgia high schools.

Individual ranking calculations use high school results only. Individual ranking calculations will be done for Green, Orange, Brown and Yellow courses. GOAC club results will only be included if there are at least three high school results on that course.

Our initial rankings include the results for the NJROTC Mountain Madness, GAOC Red Top and GAOC Richard B Russell meets.

The individual rankings can be accessed by clicking on the date under the “HS Rankings” column. Split analysis and High School Power Rankings are at the top of the links column.

If anyone would like to submit a news article or submit results to be included in our rankings, please send them to news@reentrant.fit.

Power Ranking Method

A school’s ‘Power’ ranking is the combined score of the school’s top 5 runners in each category: Varsity, Junior Varsity and Intermediate.

High School ranking scores are normalized by course and gender. The average of the top 10% (minimum of 2) of the runners is set to 100. The runners scores are then normalized to the calculated 100 score.


A school's top 5 ranking scores on Green or Brown (girls results only). If a runner has ranking scores on multiple courses, only their highest score is included.

Junior Varsity

A school's top 5 ranking scores on Orange. A runner cannot be included in Junior Varsity if they are included in the Varsity rankings.


A school’s top 5 ranking scores on Yellow. A runner cannot be included in Intermediate if they are included in the Varsity or Junior Varsity rankings.